Why iPhone sales have suddenly increased

Sales have indeed grown. In March this year, compared to the previous February. With February 2020, which was the peak of the coronavirus pneumonia epidemic in China. What was happening in the Celestial Empire, we can understand only now, when the trouble came to us. Isolation, quarantine, bans on crossing borders, restrictions and a sense of helplessness in the face of an invisible enemy. In February, smartphone sales in China, oddly enough, continued. They fell three times compared to last year’s February, iPhone sales fell to 494 thousand. But in March, everything changed.

It seems to be a pandemic and chaos, but iPhones are still bought

Apple does not release quantitative sales figures for its products for a variety of reasons that executives believe to be respectful. But in the second-largest (and largest revenue) market for Apple, there is a government agency, the Chinese Academy of Information and Communication Technologies (CAICT), which tracks sales of electronic devices, including smartphones. Information about each sale of a smartphone in China is sent to CAICT, the data obtained is processed and, once a month, published.

The results of the recently ended March have been published. They managed to overcome the coronavirus, take it under control and return to a peaceful life, with meticulous observance of precautions. Someday, perhaps, this will happen with us.

IPhone Sales 2020

January 2020 has been very encouraging compared to last year’s January. China, like the rest of the world, was eagerly awaiting new technical miracles, and smartphones flew off retail and virtual counters like hotcakes. Sales were higher than a year ago, tensions between China and the United States, bad exchange rates and other misfortunes were in the past.

Why iPhone sales have suddenly increased

In China, suddenly arranged discounts on iPhones

Apple sold over 2 million iPhones in China in January. Basically – the iPhone 11 and iPhone XR, but the elite models from Apple were going so well that there was some kind of a bad feeling: somehow everything is too good, not for good. Other companies were doing great too.

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In February, only 6.34 million smartphones were sold in China, according to the Chinese Academy of Information and Communication Technology. At all. This is 55% less than in February 2019, when total sales were 14 million. Apple suffered the hardest: iPhone sales fell 60% compared to February 2019, which was not the best for the company, from 1.27 million units to 494 thousand. And a little over four times compared to January 2020.

А вот какой iPhone был самым популярным. Угадаете?

This was one of the reasons why Apple was forced to publicly announce that it was unable to achieve the company’s promised financial performance in the first quarter of 2019. Almost all other reasons for this were also related to China: quarantine, problems with the transportation of finished products and components, the shutdown of assembly and most other industries. And one of the reasons for the drop in sales was the closure of all 42 retail Apple Stores in China.

Why iPhone sales have suddenly increased

One of the Apple Store in China during the closure

The Android platform did better, but not much. Instead of 12.7 million devices sold in China in February 2019, only 5.85 were sold in February 2020. More than ten times more Android phones than iPhones. But then, unexpectedly, March came.

iPhone March 2020

In March 2020, sales of smartphones of all brands in China more than tripled compared to February of the same year. From 6.34 million to 21.0. Compared to March last year, sales fell by 20%, but in the current situation it does not matter anymore. Apple sold 2.5 million iPhones in March, five times more than in February, and even slightly more than in March last year. More than aggressive and unprecedented discounts on all iPhones up to the iPhone 11 Pro Max helped boost sales. And then there’s the iPhone SE 2020 out, so Apple will have everything in chocolate. Although China is still far from fully recovering from a serious and prolonged illness, I am afraid to imagine how long it will take for us, Europe and the United States to recover.

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