Why isn’t the default browser and mail client changing in iOS 14 Beta?


In iOS 14, Apple finally added the ability to change the default browser and mail client to third-party apps. Despite the importance of the feature, the company did not reveal it during the iOS 14 presentation.

Many have installed the iOS 14 beta on their devices precisely for this feature, but it is not in the beta. The default apps in iOS 14 beta cannot be changed as Apple has not yet added this feature to the system.

The company has already discussed the requirements that third-party browsers and mail clients must meet in order to be able to use them by default.

Unlike other changes in iOS 14, the ability to change default apps is a simple feature that isn’t hard to add. However, the company will most likely only add the feature to the “golden master” version of iOS 14 or towards the end of beta testing. We cannot do anything, so we can only hope that we will not have to wait very long.

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