Why now is the worst time to buy an iPhone XR

Everyone knows that you shouldn’t buy an iPhone in anticipation of the release of a new model, and those who do not know, then regret that they did not wait several weeks and did not save an extra hundred dollars. After all, Apple lowers the prices of its smartphones only once a year and only at the time of the announcement of the new iPhone. Therefore, buying any Apple device before the presentation – except, perhaps, the iPhone SE – is fraught with higher costs. But sometimes there are exceptions to this rule, since from time to time the company stops selling conditionally old iPhones, not wanting to sell them at all for a song.

Apple plans to withdraw iPhone XR after iPhone 11

Проверьте, будет ли вам удобно пользоваться iPhone 12

Apple will curtail sales of the iPhone XR after the launch of the entire iPhone 12 line, which may come in pieces. This was reported by an insider hiding under the nickname iAppleTimes, citing sources in the company. According to him, Cupertino no longer wants to reduce prices for the first sub-flagship model, which will be two years old this fall. Despite the fact that the standard life cycle of iPhones can reach 5 years, Cupertino has a different opinion regarding the iPhone XR, not wanting it to become too cheap and pull off the sales of flagships.

What to buy: iPhone XR or iPhone 11

Why now is the worst time to buy an iPhone XR

iPhone 11 is quite expensive today, but after the release of iPhone 12 it will be seriously cheaper

Even if iAppleTimes himself invented the information about the termination of sales of the iPhone XR, it really makes sense. Today the smartphone costs $ 549 in the US. After the release of the new model, Apple will naturally have to reduce the price of the iPhone XR by another $ 100. In this case, it should be priced at $ 449, making it the second cheapest iPhone after the iPhone SE. And Apple clearly does not need this, because then they will be sold at virtually the same price, competing with each other, although this is already happening in Russia.

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Стоит ли ждать iPhone 12 с экраном 5,4″ или взять сейчас iPhone SE 2020

As for the iPhone 11, it – the only one in its lineup – will remain on sale and will be sold for $ 549. This will give a chance to buy it in Russia at a price of about 40 thousand rubles. At least that’s how much the iPhone XR is now on Tmall. Therefore, it remains to wait a couple of months before the iPhone 12 is released, and then buy the iPhone 11 with such a healthy discount relative to the current price. The main thing is to have time to sell your current iPhone before the presentation, because with the announcement of the novelty it will also become cheaper.

When iPhone 12 comes out

Why now is the worst time to buy an iPhone XR

iPhone 11 costs 50 thousand rubles today, but in September-October it will be possible to buy it for 40

How long will have to wait is an open question. On the one hand, we know that Apple intends to release iPhone 12 no earlier than October. Cupertino made this decision under the influence of the coronavirus pandemic, which forced many market players to adjust their plans. Therefore, at a reporting conference to investors in July, Luca Maestri, the company’s chief operating officer, announced that the launch of the new smartphone will take place a few weeks later than usual. But since the presentation by Apple can still be held in September, there is a chance that the company will cut prices immediately.

Apple может удешевить производство iPhone 12 из-за 5G. Пострадает аккумулятор

The best selling point is to sell your iPhone in perfect condition. If from the moment of purchase you wore it in a case and with a film on the screen, and also kept all the complete accessories, including the packing box, there is a good chance to raise the price of the commercials by 7-10 percent. But practice shows that today everyone is interested not only and not so much in the state of the smartphone as in the pre-installed content. After all, as you remember, two weeks ago Apple removed Fortnite from the App Store, and this led to a sharp increase in prices for iPhones with the game installed. Basically, you know what to do.

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