Widgetsmith app adds custom widgets to the iOS 14 home screen

With the release of the final version of iOS 14 with an updated home screen, interest in widgets among users of compatible iPhones has greatly increased. Several apps have added support for home screen widgets over the past few days, but Widgetsmith has been the most popular. The program allows you to create your own customized widgets for the iPhone desktop.

widgetsmith_customized widgets

How to add widgets with Widgetsmith in iOS 14

There are three widget sizes available in the Widgetsmith iPhone app: small, medium, and large. For each widget you can customize the style, font, tint and background color.

Widgetsmith adds the following data types to the home screen:

  • time,
  • date,
  • custom: photo or text you define,
  • the calendar,
  • reminders,
  • weather,
  • health and activity.

Each data type can be customized: set the font, color and background.

Once you’ve created the widget in the Widgetsmith app, return to the home screen and go to edit mode (by pressing and holding anywhere on the desktop). Click on the “+” icon in the upper left corner, select Widgetsmith in the list of applications, then the desired widget size. After choosing the size, you will have access to the settings for the appearance of the widget:

widgetsmith-ios 14

The application also allows you to install a widget that will change throughout the day. For example, before the end of the working day, the widget can show the current date, after which it will automatically switch to the calendar.

Over the past few days, Widgetsmith’s popularity has skyrocketed: the app has climbed to the top spots in the App Store rankings, and TikTok is already recording videos on how to change your desktop with Widgetsmith:


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Widgets have been on Android devices for a long time, but it was with the release of iOS 14 that users became interested in this desktop tool.

The main limitation of iOS 14 is running data in the Widgetsmith app, not the native iOS app. For example, you can use the Activity Rings widget from Widgetsmith, but the system will open the data not in the original iOS application, but in Widgetsmith. This is a limitation of iOS 14, not developer Widgetsmith.

Download Widgetsmith available for free in the App Store. The application requires iOS 14 – it was in this version of the OS that widgets appeared on the desktop.

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