Yoink – file clipboard

Yoink is a small “shelf” for files that appears if you drag a file to one of the edges of the display. Yoink helps me drag and drop files between full screen applications when there is no way to quickly save files to the Desktop or somewhere else.

Drag an image from Downloads to fullscreen Safari

Such a buffer will save you the touchpad acrobatics when dragging and dropping files across multiple full-screen applications. This is exactly the buffer where you can “drop” the file, do some manipulations, and then continue dragging the file.

I use the program not only on a laptop, but also on a desktop with two monitors. And I just can’t imagine how I would manage without her. Therefore, the utility has been on my list of the best Mac apps for four years now.

The full version only costs $ 7.99. Before buying, you can try the demo version, which will work for 15 days.

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