Zendure SuperTank is a battery that can quickly charge your MacBook

Most modern external batteries are created in order to charge smartphones and tablets without any problems. However, Zendure decided to move away from this concept somewhat and released the SuperTank – an external battery that can quickly charge most laptops.

According to the manufacturer, Zendure SuperTank can be used to charge two laptops or four different devices at once. In total, the accessory has four ports – two USB-A and two USB-C. In this case, one of the USB-C connectors supports a power of 100 watts. Thanks to this feature, you can quickly charge your MacBook using SuperTank.

The battery capacity is 27,000 mAh. This volume allows you to significantly increase the autonomy of not only a smartphone or tablet, but also to extend the life of the MacBook by several hours.

You can buy SuperTank on the manufacturer’s official website for $ 180 or order a battery in one of the electronics stores in Russia or Ukraine. However, in the latter case, the accessory will cost about $ 250.

It is noteworthy that the manufacturer is already preparing to release a new version of SuperTank. It will differ in a slightly modified body, an informative display and the absence of USB-A connectors. You can pre-order the SuperTank Pro now on Kickstarter.

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