Zergotech Freedom – Ergonomic Mechanical Keyboard

Many of the users who actively work at the computer prefer to use mechanical keyboards. But often, such devices lack ergonomics. Zergotech offers its own solution to this problem.

Zergotech Freedom - Ergonomic Mechanical Keyboard

The Zergotech product range includes the Zergotech Freedom mechanical ergonomic keyboard. It looks like broken keyboards and actually consists of two separate blocks that can be installed in different positions. This design allows you to place your hands in a natural position and significantly reduces the strain on the wrists and fingers during prolonged work.

Zergotech Freedom - Ergonomic Mechanical Keyboard

Zergotech Freedom stands out from most competitors in several ways. First, the developers tried to cope with the loud sound of keystrokes. For this, they added special seals. Secondly, they worked out the shape and design of the keys in order to make them comfortable to press, and the process of getting used to the keyboard took a minimum of time. And thirdly, Zergotech Freedom can be equipped with several different pads for the wrists. There are two options to choose from – large and small.

You can purchase the keyboard on the manufacturer’s official website for $ 339. Delivery is carried out to almost any country in the world.

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